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I offer a variety Shamanic Healing Retreats, located at a beautiful retreat centre in Glastonbury that includes B&B accommodation and stunning views of Avalon’s mystical landscape.

This means that when you commit to a deep healing experience, you can receive eight hours’ dedicated healing work from me spread over a five-night stay. You will be supported in a restful and spiritual environment set apart from the busy High Street, but within comfortable walking distance of all amenities.

Retreat packages could follow a themed format and might include a teaching element as well as healing. They can include any of the techniques on the Healing Techniques page of this site and therefore bespoke contents can be planned. However, if unexpected needs arise, the content may be changed to suit developing circumstances over the course of a retreat

A package could provide a gentle introduction to shamanic practices and self-development, or could support a major transformational healing journey.

More details are available by clicking on the link below, which provides retreat package examples, but other variations are possible. Fees include five nights’ B&B accommodation. Savings may be available for group retreats.



Please contact me for information on current, scheduled workshop dates.

Bear in mind that I am also able to tailor workshops to individuals and groups. If you are bringing a group to Glastonbury or if you run a spiritual group that occasionally needs fresh, new input, I can tailor a workshop to your requirements.

Some tried and tested workshops can be offered to small groups at fairly short notice, but details need to be discussed first to determine the group size, the type of venue required and the consequent fee. The larger the group, the more lead-time is required to investigate available suitably sized venues.

The below workshops give you an idea of what may be possible.

Space Clearance

Space clearance (or "smudge ceremony") is more than just wafting a bit of incense around and hoping for the best. A smudge ceremony unites three separate aspects of healing to cleanse the energies in your space: aromatherapy; sound healing; and spirit-guided shamanic practice. These elements are expressed through ritual - special invocations and repeated actions that strengthen your intention. Focussed and serious intention makes your practice work.

What energies do we intend to heal using a smudge ceremony? I call them "the three E's":

1. Environmental - the physical condition of the energy in a space, which can contain emissions from air conditioning, electrical equipment etc that make you feel stale, tired and lethargic.

2. Emotional - negative emotions dumped out during difficult situations can linger on as lower vibrations that disturb your peace and ease long after the event is over. Properties can retain the emotional vibrations of previous owners too.

3. Earthbound - those who have passed away, but who are unable to pass over, whether that is due to shock, denial or fear of judgement. Earthbound energy gathers where life is in order to feel "aliveness", but there is disharmony because it is in the wrong place. It has a real effect upon your perceptions and behaviour, whether that effect is subtle or obvious.

Spirit connection is a major part of the ceremony and a clearly voiced request to the powers or guides you believe in at the start of your practice will serve to protect you and make your efforts effective. Ask for the assistance of Archangel Michael. He is the angelic power assigned to dealing with metaphysical attack and moves earthbound energy onto its rightful place of healing and transformation. We do not destroy earthbound energy, but firmly send it on with love.

Shamans of diverse origin have communicated with the spirit of plants in order to understand their healing properties. Burning certain plants releases fragrances that have spiritually cleansing and uplifting effects. Sage is the traditional savoury-smelling Native American power plant. The gum resins of Frankincense and Myrrh are a sweet-smelling Middle Eastern combination. Sandalwood is the woody-scented Far Eastern equivalent. All work with us to clear stale and earthbound energy. In a smudge ceremony we respectively honour the power plant for its wonderful gift to our well being.

Sound has been regarded since the most ancient of times as a profoundly transforming force. It is associated with both the great scientific and spiritual explanations of creation, from Big Bang theory through to the sacred mantra Om, a sound that is the seed of being. It is the vibration of sound waves combined with highest intention that brings energetic change, harmony and healing. I use an array of instruments (drums, bells, gongs, tingshaws) that produce the full spectrum of low, medium and high-pitched tones, the intention being to shake, wake up and cleanse on every level.

Whether you consider yourself to be healing practitioner or not, clearing space properly is an activity that empowers you within your own home space. Smudge Ceremony teaches so much about the basic principles of healing that it is a great starting point for anyone wishing to dip their toes into the waters of spiritual practice.

This half-day workshop can be provided upon request and with preparation time. Fees vary according to size of group. Please contact me to discuss details.

An Introduction to the Runes

Let the Runes be a mystery to you no longer! Let them into your life and acquire a fantastic tool for spiritual growth and development. Work with them over time and weave a new thread of energetic awareness into your existence.

The Runes are twenty-four symbols that comprise an ancient Northern European system for working with and understanding energy. Each rune represents an energetic that is fundamental to existence, whether that is on the largest cosmic scale of activity, on a more personal human level, or on a cellular / microcosmic level. However big or small the matter may be, the runes run through all experience and help you to recognise the hidden forces and powers that lay behind the world of everyday appearances. Indeed, the runes are not a tool created by mankind, they represent a body of wisdom received by mankind from our observant and open interaction with nature and spirit.

"Rune" has several meanings. It means "mystery" or "secret". Each rune's particular "secret" pertains to one of the energetic mysteries of the cosmos, whether that is the energy of grounding and the physical manifestation of life force or the light-filled, expansive, visionary energy of spirit. The twenty-four rune energies taken as a whole show us that life is filled with many energetic experiences and each one is guiding and empowering.

"Rune" also means to "whisper" and to "roar". The sound value of each rune is a vibration that transmits its inherent energy. So you can use runes in sound work, whether that is within personal meditation or healing directed for the benefit of others. The runic energy is also contained within its shape, known as a "stave", so rune symbols can be channelled for healing too. Runes are not just confined to divination, though they're also amazing divinatory tools that give truthful and wise energetic counselling to people.

The Runes can also be ordered into a calendar, a cyclical arrangement in which each rune energy rises and ebbs in power during a half-month time slot. Seeing how the runes relate to the forces that flow and diminish within nature throughout the year enriches both your understanding of rune influence and your perception of nature's cycles.

The Runes are a tool for showing us the energetic threads of life that weave around us all the time. The Runes also teach us to take responsibility for how we choose to work with those threads to create our destinies.

This one-day workshop is designed to help you understand the origins of the runes, their many uses and will give you tips on how and why to make your own runes. It will explain how runes are bound up with the concept of Wyrd, which is an understanding of destiny that places us fully in the "driving seat" of our own lives. It will also introduce you to the concept of the Rune Year Wheel, which provides a time frame in which to study the runes that synchronises with their presence in nature.

The Runes have woven themselves into the fabric of my consciousness and expanded my ability to relate to events on an energetic level. They have an uncanny way of helping you to unleash your creativity, for ultimately you will find your own fulfilling way of working with their power that will inspire new realisations and ideas within your life. This workshops aims to fire your enthusiasm about a fascinating subject and give you the confidence to explore the runes further in your own unique way.

Dates are on-going throughout the year. Please contact to find out when the next one-day workshop is scheduled. The fee is £65 based on a group of three or more participants.

Rune Divination Training

After completing “An Introduction to the Runes”, you are qualified to attend this more advanced course, held over three weekends. This course will equip you with six rune readings to cover different needs and will also include: ethical guidelines; experiential rune energy meditations; teachings about the Gods and Goddesses of the Northern Tradition; and shamanic journeys to some of the Nine Worlds of the Northern Tradition. This workshop brings the runes alive! You will have fun learning, but you may also be profoundly touched by the sacred nature of these divinatory tools.

Please contact to find out when the next course is running. Fees are updated annually, but at the time of publication are as follows: £350 as a one-off payment or three instalments of £130.

An Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

Learn how to journey to the beat of the shamanic drum, a method for connecting you with your spirit and animal guides. Acquire a technique that you can develop at home and that will serve your spiritual needs throughout the different growth phases of your life.

This workshop can be tailored to a simple half-day experience or a more detailed one-day experience. Fees depend on the size of group, length of workshop and the kind of venue required.

Power Animal Focus
This two-day workshop deepens your connection to power animals and introduces you to their healing qualities. You will need some experience of shamanic journeying to get the most out of the workshop. Fees depend on size of group and the available venue.

Power Animal Talk

A two and a half hour talk on the nature and the role of power animals, focussed around a shamanic medicine wheel altar. This talk includes experiential drum meditations, should attendants wish to participate.

This Talk can be facilitated for spiritual groups or development circles who can ensure sufficient attendance. Fees vary between £10 and £20 depending on size of group and venue requirements.

Energy Practices of the Andes

This South American-inspired one-day introductory workshop helps you to relate to yourself as an energy-being. It provides two exercises that show you how to clear stuck emotional energy, known as “jucha” to the keepers of the tradition. The first practice translates as “The Sacred Exchange of Making Light Flow” and is the essential foundation exercise of trainees in this tradition.

The second exercise translates as “Digesting Heavy Energy” and is the key exercise to help initiates transition into a more advanced, energetic approach to human relationships. Both exercises are precious additions to the spiritual practitioner’s toolkit.

Contact to discuss your individual or group needs. The fee will depend on participant numbers.

The Power of Voice – A Simple Introduction to Sacred Sound

Voice is your very own sacred sound tool, so why not use it? This workshop can be tailored to a half-day or a one-day format. Both workshops teach a clear and simple set of voice sounds for eight main chakras. The half-day format is aimed at those who simply wish to learn a personal practice for meditating with and balancing their own chakras. The one-day workshop is suitable for more experienced healers wishing to add a valuable skill to their toolkit. Both workshops are superb for anyone wishing to: discover the vibrational power of voice; discover new ways of tuning into and working with chakras; and for making a new and different connection with themselves as an energetic being.

Discussion will help us to define your individual or groups needs and will also help to determine the fee and type of venue required.

Pre-booking and full or deposit payments required for all workshops. Contact Rosemary: 01458 832157 / 07906 865717, rosemary@sacredhill.co.uk, www.sacredhill.co.uk.


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